Augusta | The Ultimate Guide To Living Green Walls
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The Ultimate Guide To Living Green Walls

Living green walls. You may have heard of them and thought they were no more than the latest design fad. However in truth, the concept dates back to the 1930 s and they are science fiction made fact! No longer just of interest to architectural companies trying to win design awards, they are gaining attention from businesses of all sizes looking to improve their green credentials. This ultimate guide will introduce you to these beautiful structures of greenery by answering the most common questions we hear asked. Before you know it, you’ll be boring your friends, colleagues and boss as you preach like one of the newly converted!

What are living green walls?

Living green walls are panels of plants, grown vertically using hydroponics, on structures that can be either free-standing or attached to walls. Living green walls are also referred to as vertical gardens, green walls, living walls or ecowalls.

What are the visual benefits of living green walls?

Our modern society is all about image and nothing beats nature for beauty. A well-designed, flourishing green wall can drastically improve a building’s appearance, adding color and texture that won’t go out of fashion. Each wall is specifically designed, using different varieties of plants which can vary in color, growth and flower to create living art, rather than a lawn on the side of your building.

Are they good for the building?

Buildings are adversely affected by changing temperatures that cause materials to expand and contract, which over time leads to deterioration, cracks and fissures.

Exterior living walls give buildings protection, not just from temperature fluctuations but also by diverting water away from walls during heavy rain and providing protection from UV radiation.

Can I install a green wall in my home?

The flexibility of green walls makes them perfect for all environments. Just like with office buildings, living green walls can be installed both inside and out. All good living green wall specialists will be able to discuss your requirements and design a solution that is suited to your needs.

Living green walls are the future. With the benefits to health and happiness, they are a revolution that wants to see the end of concrete and the start of nature reclaiming urban space.

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